Thursday, 17 December 2009

Mr Charles Edward Coles R.N. Gunner

Mr Charles Edward Coles R.N. Gunner was at his action station in after control when an enemy shell burst on deck in rear of No 5 Gun killing 9 men and severely wounding 1 officer and 3 men, also setting alight the charge which was just being loaded into gun. Mr Coles at once went to the spot and took prompt action personally removing the wounded clear of the burning cordite and extinguishing the burning clothing of the wounded men.

There are 2 others singled out for praise,  Lieutenant The Hon. Trevor Tempest Parker R.N. Gunnery Officer and Engineer Commander Walter Robert Fendick R.N. and the name  Lt. Comdr. Harvey and "The Senior Naval Officer" appears at the bottom of the page. 

Unfortunately,  I can no longer see the reference for this document.