Thursday, 17 December 2009

HMS Dragon log for Saturday 18th October 1919 at Riga

Occasionally, I see something in the records that seems out of place and quite unrelated to what I am looking for but is nevertheless quite fascinating as it gives an insight into life in the Navy at this time.

This entry in the log,  dated the 18th October 1919, appears to have been written only hours after the 9 men/ boys had been killed and as their bodies were being prepared for burial by other probably traumatised  young  seamen. Elsewhere, 4  wounded seamen were probably having their wounds tended  and  repairs were taking place on board the ship....I would imagine it was a scene of chaos!!!!!

"The following articles were found missing after H.R.H. The Prince of Wales and Staff disembarked from Dragon for "Renown". Towels,two. Sheets Linen, three. Pillows feather, one" 

well I wonder what happened to them and if they have ever been found or if they will ever just turn up on ebay.  I would imagine that the pillows would have been difficult to hide.......I've heard about towels going missing in hotels but...  

Next to this was another quite "random" entry 

" I had occasion on this day to reprimand ...(name indistinct) Gunner(?), W. Roberts, Shipwright and W.Skelton Gunner  for having during the month of September exceeded the amounts allowed by King's regulations for Warrant Officers Wine Bills" I had to read this a few times but I'm pretty sure that's what it says.