Tuesday, 8 December 2009


"Bermondt, who has been trying to take Riga (middle of October) with
, a force described as Russian but r e a l l y consisting largely of
troops from von der Goltz's corps, is said to be a Cossack Colonel
of some military experience, who organised a volunteer force
against the Bolsheviks at Kieff in 1918. On the withdrawal of
the Germans from the Ukraine he was arrested and sentenced to
death but escaped. His wife is said to have been killed by the
Bolsheviks at Petrograd. His r e a l name is Prince Avalov-
Bermondt, and he  is described, as a wealthy landowner of Finland
("Morning Post", "Stockholm Telegram", October 16th, 1919)"

I found this quote hidden in some documents that I had downloaded on the National Archives website and I found the photo on google  images. It seems to be used on alot of other websites. I've no idea when  and why it was taken.

I will try to locate a reference for the quote later if anyone needs it. It's amazing how many records are now online compared with the early 1990's when I got hooked on this hobby!